At this time Stealth is not Hiring
 Armed Personal Protection, Bodyguards, Security Officers
Must be licensed to carry weapon and have a current carry permit 
As our company continues to grow we will be looking for full and part time security agents. Armed and unarmed. Please call us at (201) 407-1752.

* Within the year of 2007, the laws that once governed security companies will no longer exist. The Private Detective Act of 1939 has been changed to the SECURITY OFFICER REGISTRATION ACT (SORA). You can log onto the NJ State Police web site to read all of the changes and complete your application. Full compliance will be by 2007.

 *All security companies and security officers must renew every 2 years*
The steps you will be required to complete:
Log onto STATE POLICE web link below
1. Submit an application via State Police web site $82.00 application fee (Credit Card)
2. Fingerprints (first time) @ Sagem Morpho $65.45 MAKE APPOINTMENT
3. Complete a (24) or (8) hour security course with ( or
call Jim O' Connor @ 201-760-8818 for classes within (30) thirty days of application
4. Employee statement (form202) via Security company
5. Criminal background checked through State Police
6. Personal interview
7. Apply for TWIC: Port Security web link below

Retired officers:

1. Retired officers must submit to the above requirements.

Active Law Enforcement changes:
1. Active law enforcement must complete the State Police electronic application. Fingerprint $65.45 and pay $82.00 application fee to New Jersey State Police.
Follow Same Requirements Above.
2. State Instructor will upload "pass" and officers digital photo to Private Detective Unit, including name, SBI number and application ID number. This will be done in Belleville NJ or call Jim O' Connor @ 201-760-8818