Today, more than ever there is a great need for security. Post 911 concerns and the release of the national statistics on crime are staggering to say the least. However, many of the problems and concerns that individuals may encounter can be remedied by employing security services for various situations.


Security has always been a deterrent of crime, a protector of individuals, their properties, and an extended arm of law enforcement. Across the country crime has grown to staggering proportions and effects every aspect of our lives.


For example:

  • Murder occurs every 32 minutes
  • Burglary occurs every 15 seconds
  • Robbery occurs every 60 seconds
  • Theft occurs every 5 seconds
  • Property crime every 3 seconds
  • Auto theft every 25 seconds
  • Assault and violent crimes every 35 seconds

These crimes happen every day and do not include the post 911 concerns.

Today, we have to be concerned with having bomb dogs give an all clear before Wedding celebrations, Religious services and Religious events and then place armed security to ensure only invited guests enter these gatherings.


When did we ever have to be concerned with bomb dogs giving an all clear on cruise ships, ferry boats, sporting events, and conference centers, etc...?


Q. For anyone in need of security services, What should be the greatest concern? 

A.   Today, you must make sure that the security company is bonded, insured and licensed by the New Jersey State Police,

  • They must produce their license, bond and certificate of insurance,
  • Their security staff must have a security officer identification card which will indicate to you they have fulfilled the Security Officers Registration Act (SORA) which includes; direct application through the State Police, training, fingerprinting and background check. 


Q.How can you avoid security problems and feel safe when having an upscale event?

A.   Have armed and unarmed security officers for various details. 

If necessary, have the security team bring the bomb dog through the facility or property for an all clear. 

  • Have first class security officers greet your guests from the invitation list.
  • Have security watch the coat check area and position security outside to guard the parking lot.
  • Have security at the entrance doors to your reception hall to re-direct uninvited guests.
  • Have security team leader contact the local police department making them aware a security team is on the premises.
  • Have armed security escort guest of honor to their vehicle or be transported by armed security vehicle to your destination.  


*These services can be customized for any function, facility or private estate.


Q. What are the benefits of having a security team assist with transporting valuables when you move from one location to another?


A.  The use of discreet vehicles will not bring attention to your move.

  • Armed officers are trained to protect persons and property.
  • Security vehicle equipped with safe.
  • No longer a concern of moving valuables in your personal vehicle.
  • Security in constant mobile contact.
  • Items can be moved in the evening hours to avoid attention.
  • Items can be moved to a safety deposit box before final transportation.


*For security reasons other security details would be discussed upon arrival at clients address. 


Q. Is it necessary to have security at a sweet sixteen, bar and bat mitzvah celebrations and is there a benefit?

A.  Yes, especially if it is at a facility.Watch MTV's my Sweet 16 extravaganzas, all the kids do!

  • Security that is experienced with these events know what to expect and see things most people overlook.
  • Parents and family members should be there to enjoy this wonderful event and not have to become the security.
  • Have security greet the youthful guests from an alphabetized guest list.
  • Have security enforce "The No Underage Drinking" Policy, If a person enters intoxicated or alcohol is present they do not enter.  
  • Have security create a contained environment, least restricted movement through a large facility.
  • Have security placed at bathrooms, this is where most of the serious problems occur.
  • Have security close off areas where no one is permitted.
  • Have security enforce a "NO LEAVING AND RE-ENTERING THE FACILITY" Policy unless a parent is present for pickup.
  • Security can walk freely through an event watching everything without the guest of honor feeling embarrassed by parents.


*Security for these types of events create a sense of importance and prestige for the person of honor, safety for the event, a deterrent from possible problems because security is there and removal of a great burden off the parents. 


Q. What are the benefits of having security provide transportation to and from parties, clubs and events?

A.  You do not have to be concerned with finding a parking spot or pay for parking.

  • Would not have to walk long distance in the evening to find parked vehicle.
  • Accommodations made for inclement weather.
  • Door-to-door service.
  • The group leaves together and returns together. 
  • No one has to be concerned with being pulled over for drunk driving.
  • No concern of being involved in an alcohol related accident.
  • Armed security and vehicle provided for celebrities and at risk individuals.


*This service can also provide close protection (bodyguard) for the entire evening in order to ensure the guest of honor has the night of their life without public harassment. 


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