1. Moving Valuables

Stealth has extensive experience with transporting personal and business valuables. We have secured closed banks until safety deposit boxes were distributed to their owners. We have transported jewelry, gold, documents, and personal possessions. This service can be customized to your needs. Transportation of items can be moved using U-Haul trucks or your trucks. Each trip will be secured with a lock, custody seals, and armed officers in order to provide you with assurance that the integrity of your assets are secured.    



This service will ensure you will be driven to your destination in first-class. Please call for pricing.  

This service has been used for weddings, trips to Atlantic City, New York, and for business meetings with and without the use of armed security.  

Also, with Prom season approaching parents can have peace of mind by using a security officer in the limo. All of Stealth's officers are either off duty or retired police officers. Check out our partner company, ask for Tony. 



We will be able to provide you with the finest services using first-class private jets. We will be able to pick you up with either car service. These Jets will be available for personal use, business, or if your family needs to be moved to a secured and safe place in a moments notice. 

With any of these services, armed protection is always available to escort you to your destinations. Check out our partner company: managed by Ron Goldstein call: 201 407 1752 for pricing and an appointment.